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1 We Record Everything

2 Propper Heat Measurement

3 Back Pressure Reading

4 Roof Vent Cleaning

5 Vent Cleaning

Our experienced technicians arrive when we say we will.

We thoroughly clean any lint and debris in any surrounding areas of your washer and dryer units.

Then we use a shop vac with a tube attachment to clean below your lint trap.

We also move your dryer to clean behind it and to clean out the transition hose.

After we’ve done that, we have a rotary brush which we hook up to as many extensions as we need to reach the top of your vent. We then attach a power drill on the other end to loosen any built up lint to have it come down the vent.

Hook back up transition hose (or if badly damaged, we replace for an additional fee at your request) to the dryer and the vent, move the dryer back into place and clean up any loose debris before we go.

Avoid unnecessary costs - Schedule preventative maintenance today!